Adding content items

After defining your project's content structure through content types, you can start creating content in your project.

See how to create content items inside the app.

Table of contents

    Creating content items

    To create a content item:

    1. From the app menu, choose Content & Assets .
    2. Click Create new on the right.
    3. Choose a content type.

    A new Untitled content item is automatically created in your project.

    Now, continue with your content:

    1. Enter a name for the content item.
    2. (Optional) Fill in the elements defined by the content type.
    3. (Optional) Assign the item to the person who will continue working on it.

    Each change you make is saved automatically.

    ProTip: You can quickly create another content item based on the same type by clicking More actions > Create new Type.

    Keeping track

    To quickly find elements that need your attention in the current content item, you can use the "left to complete" indicator on the Details tab. Clicking it will highlight incomplete elements.

    A picture of the notification of incomplete elements.

    What's an incomplete element? This includes elements that:

    • Are set as required but empty.
    • Do not meet a set limitation, such as the maximum number of characters for a Text element.

    What's next?