Scheduling content publishing

There are situations where you might want to set a publish date for a content item. This allows you to prepare and schedule content changes that are automatically triggered at a specific point in time.

Premium feature

Scheduled publishing requires a Professional plan or higher.

Table of contents

    Scheduling content items

    To schedule a content item:

    1. From the app menu, choose Content & Assets .
    2. Click an unpublished content item to open it.
    3. On the Details tab, click Change workflow or publish.
    4. Select Publish.
    5. Select Schedule to publish.
    6. Pick a time and date.
    7. Click Schedule to publish.

    Note: If publish is not shown in step 3 and not available in step 4, this means that the current workflow step cannot transition to Publish based on your project's workflow setup. The item must first go through all the necessary steps, for example Review and Approval. You can customize your content workflow according to your specific needs.

    The system will change the workflow step of the given item to Scheduled. At the specified time (with a possible delay of up to 5 minutes), the workflow step will change to Published and the item will be publicly available.

    If the content item links to other unpublished items using Linked items elements or content items linked in rich text, these items aren't affected and remain in their own workflow steps.

    This does not apply to components, as they are a natural part of the Rich text element and get published together with the parent item.

    To reschedule a content item you have to unschedule it, then schedule it again.

    Bulk scheduling

    To schedule multiple content items at once:

    1. From the app menu, choose Content & Assets .
    2. Select the content items you want to schedule.
    3. Click More actions .
    4. Select the Publish action.
    5. Select Schedule to publish.
    6. Pick a time and date.
    7. Click Schedule to publish.

    Canceling scheduled content items

    1. Open the content item you want to unschedule.
    2. On the Details panel, click Cancel scheduling.

    The workflow step of the content item will change to the first step in your workflow – usually Draft.

    If the content item references other items using linked items, these items aren't scheduled and keep their own workflow steps.

    Similar to bulk scheduling, you can unschedule several items at once directly in your content list using the More actions  button.