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Schedule content publishing

There are situations where you might want to set a publish date for a content item. This allows you to prepare and schedule content changes that are automatically triggered at a specific point in time.

Keep in mind that changing a workflow step depends on your role permissions and your project's workflow setup.

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    Schedule a content item for publishing

    1. In , open a content item you want to schedule for publishing.
    2. Click  Publish.
    3. Select Schedule to publish.
    4. Pick a time and date.
      • The timezone here matches the timezone on your device.
    5. Click Done.
    6. Click Schedule to publish.
    7. If the content item links other content items, you'll be asked if you want to publish them too. Select the items you want to publish and click Schedule.
    Change workflow modal dialog with settings to publish a content item on a set date and time

    The system will change the workflow step of the given items to Scheduled. At the specified time (with a possible delay up to 5 minutes), the workflow step will change to Published and the items will become publicly available.

    Publishing a content item with linked content items

    If the content item contains any links to content items or linked content items, you can publish the other items at the same time to prevent any broken links or even breaking your app.

    To publish linked items with your content item, choose the items you would like to publish with the original item and click Publish item with selected items. All items not selected will remain in their current workflow steps.

    A screenshot of a list of linked items to publish.

    Be sure not to close the window until your content item and all linked items are published.

    You can't select linked items for publishing if:

    • The linked item's workflow requires further steps prior to publishing.
    • Your role doesn't have permission to publish that linked item.
    • The linked item is already published.

    This does not apply to components in rich text elements. Components are always published together with the item that contains them.

    To reschedule a content item you have to unschedule it and then schedule it again.

    Schedule multiple content items for publishing

    1. In , select the content items you want to schedule for publishing.
    2. Click .
    3. Click Publish.
      • You can schedule items for publishing in bulk only if all the selected items can transition to the Published workflow step. This is based on your workflow setup.
    4. Select Schedule to publish.
    5. Pick a time and date.
      • The timezone here matches the timezone on your device.
    6. Click Done.
    7. Click Schedule to publish.

    Cancel scheduled publishing

    1. In , open a content item you want to unschedule.
    2. At the top of the screen, click Cancel scheduling.

    The workflow step of the content item will change to the first step available to you – usually Draft.

    If the content item links other scheduled items, their schedule won't be canceled.

    Cancel scheduling for multiple items

    1. In , select the content items you want to cancel scheduling for.
    2. Click .
    3. Click Cancel scheduling.

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