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Creating new versions of content items

There are times when you need to update a content item while keeping its current version published. For example, while making updates to the content of an article published on your website that you want to keep visible to the public even while you update.

In such cases, you should create a new version of the content item.

Note: By changing a content item name in a new version of an item, the name gets updated in the published version as well.

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    Creating new versions

    To create a new version of a content item:

    1. From the app menu, choose Content & Assets .
    2. Click a published content item to open it.
    3. In the notification bar at the top, click Create a new version.
    A screenshot of where to click to create a new version.

    The workflow step of the content item changes to its initial workflow state (which is usually Draft).

    The system creates a new version of the content item and the previous version stays published. This new version of the content item becomes enabled for editing. Before you publish your new version, you can preview how it looks via the API. Once you publish your changes, the currently published version of your content item gets replaced by the new version.

    You can keep track of the published and draft versions of your content items.

    If you want hide the content item from public view, see Unpublishing content items.

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