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Preview unpublished content

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Content preview lets you preview the latest versions of items before they're published. To use preview, however, your developers first need to set up preview for your app and project. Once this is done, anyone in your project can preview their work.

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    Preview your latest changes

    To preview a content item you're currently editing, click the  Preview button at the top. This opens a new browser window with a preview of your item.

    Location of the Preview button in a content item.

    Don't see the preview button?

    If you can't find the  Preview button for the item you're editing, you need to contact your project manager or developer and let them know what type of content you're trying to preview. It's likely that they just forgot to set up the preview URL.

    Edit directly from preview

    If you spot a mistake when previewing your content, you can go back to editing directly in Kentico Kontent by clicking an edit button in preview. This is something that your developers need to implement beforehand.

    How the edit buttons look in the app.

    Preview and edit side-by-side with Web Spotlight

    With Web Spotlight, you can preview and edit your content quickly without switching between your website and Kontent. Find out how Web Spotlight works in more detail.

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