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Finding your content

You don't have to worry about finding your content in Kentico Kontent, even when you have thousands of content items. There are different ways of navigating through the content as well as various ways of filtering and sorting. 

See how to find specific content itemsOpens in a new window inside the app.

Table of contents

    By clicking on , you will see three or four possible ways of navigating through your content. If you have a Sample or Getting Started project selected, there will be another tab available called Quickstart, which serves as an overview of that project. The remaining tabs are:

    • Your content  see a list of items recently edited by you and items that are assigned to you.
    • Project overview  learn how to keep your content production on track.
    • Editorial calendar  if you have content ready, learn how to plan your content release.

    You can navigate to your content item list by clicking . This is where you will be able to search through and filter your content items.

    Navigating your content

    After logging into Kentico Kontent, you will be directed to the Your content tab. 

    In the Recently edited by you tab, you'll find all the content items that you have recently created or updated.

    Your content overview in Kentico Kontent

    The Assigned to you tab shows content items that you are supposed to work on. You can then choose to sort the items by due date or when they were last modified.

    Assigned to you tab in Your content

    Filtering your content

    To filter your content, navigate to . When you know the name of a content item, you can use the Filter to find it. Searching for assets also works in a similar way.

    Watch the example below to see how to find content with “coffee” in its name.

    Finding coffee animation.

    Filtering content items by name works well when you know exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes you might not know what content has been assigned to you. That’s when the left-side filtering options come to the rescue.

    Let’s say you’d like to find all brewers and cafes that are ready for you to review. Combine the left-side filters and:

    1. Select Brewer and Cafe in the Content type filter group.
    2. Select Review in the Workflow step filter group.
    Finding coffee using multiple filters.

    If you want to find content according to other criteria, you can also refine the list of content items by:

    • Content type  create content types to define the structure of your content items exactly according to your needs.
    • Location in sitemap  organize content based on where it is in your sitemap.
    • Workflow step  you can set up workflow steps to match your content production process and use them to keep track of the work.
    • Contributor  assign a specific person to be responsible for a specific content item.
    • Taxonomy  organize and tag your content based on your business-specific categories and taxonomies.
    • Status  quickly find untranslated items or items with incomplete required elements. Possible statuses:
      • Unfinished: One or more content elements are not filled in correctly.
      • Ready: All content elements are filled in correctly, the item is ready for publishing.
      • All done: Item is already published, no action needed.
      • Not translated: The item is not yet translated to the currently selected language.
    • Publishing state  easily separate published, not yet published, and unpublished items.

    Sorting your content

    For easier overview and quicker navigation you can choose to sort your content items by one of the following parameters:

    Sorting options marked with a red border including Name, due date, published status and last modifed.
    • Name  allows you to sort your content items in alphabetical order.
    • Due date  allows you to sort content items by due date ensuring a quick overview of items that have a fast-approaching deadline.
    • Published  allows you to sort your content items by date of publication.
    • Last modified  if you are having trouble finding the content item that you modified just a second ago click Last modified on the right side. This returns the last modified item to the top of the list.

    What's next?

    If you get stuck, use the search bar at the top to look for answers. We are also happy to answer any questions you might have – click the chat button in the bottom-right corner to get in touch.