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Assigning contributors and setting due dates

When you are creating content with a team, you want to be sure that all members of your team complete their part of the process on time. To achieve this, you can assign contributors, leave comments and suggestions, and set due dates for all of your content items. 

See how to assign contributors and set due datesOpens in a new window inside the app.

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    Assigning contributors to a content item

    To assign a contributor to a content item:

    1. From the app menu, choose Content & Assets .
    2. Click a content item to open it for editing.
    3. Click Assign contributors .
    4. (Optional) Set a due date   for the content item. See how to set due datesOpens in a new window within the app.
    5. Select the contributors you want to assign to the content item.
    6. (Optional) Leave a note or instructions for contributors.
    7. Click Update.
    Animation showing where to assign contributors.

    When assigning a content item to a contributor, you can also add a note and set a due date.

    You can also assign contributors and set due dates when changing the workflow step of a content item. You need to assign at least one contributor when changing the workflow step.


    Contributors are notified about the progress of the content items assigned to them when:

    • The workflow step of the content item is updated.
    • The content item is due in a week.
    • The content item is due in 3 days.
    • Every day that the content item is overdue. 

    If contributors are working on a content item simultaneously, they'll get notified to prevent any overwriting of changes. To change which notifications you receive, see how to manage your profile.

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