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Move content items through their workflow

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Moving your content items through the workflow steps defined in your project workflow settings will help you keep progressing your content towards completion. For example, after finishing a draft of an article, you might want to change its workflow step to Review and assign your editor to the item.

Keep in mind that changing a workflow step depends on your role permissions and your project's workflow setup.

Table of contents

    Changing the workflow step of a single item

    1. In Content & assets, click a content item you want to edit.
    2. Click Change workflow.
    3. Select the workflow step you want to set. The next step in the workflow is automatically preselected. 
    4. (Optional) Click to set a due date for the item.
    5. Assign contributors. You need to assign at least one contributor who can work with the new workflow step.
    6. (Optional) Leave a note for contributors.
    7. Click Change workflow.
    Modal dialog for changing the workflow step, adding due date, assigning contributors, and adding a note.

    See how to assign contributors, add notes, and set due dates without changing the workflow step.

    Changing the workflow step for multiple items

    1. In Content & assets, select content items you want to update.
    2. Click .
    3. Choose Change workflow and continue as with a single item.
      • You can only set a workflow step all the selected items can transition to based on your workflow setup. If they have no transition in common, you can't change their workflow step in bulk.

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