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Localizing asset descriptions

Each asset in your project can have a description. This description can easily be used for such purposes as alternative text for images. When your project has more than one language, you can have separate descriptions for each language.

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    When you retrieve content, the Delivery API will use the asset description in the language of the given content item when available.

    • If the content item is not available in the requested language, the defined fallback language is used for both the content item and the asset description.
    • If the asset description for the language of the retrieved content item (either requested or a fallback) is not available, the Delivery API returns an empty asset description.

    You can edit the descriptions of your assets in two ways:

    • For a single language, edit the asset in a content item.
    • For all languages at once, edit the asset from your asset list.

    Edit the asset description for a single language

    1. From the app menu, choose .
    2. Click the language switcher to open the list of languages in your project.
    3. Choose the language variant for which you want to edit the description.
    4. Choose the content item with the asset for which you want to edit the description.
    5. For the given asset, click the thumbnail to open the asset for editing.
    6. In the dialog, edit the description.
    7.  Click Update in the bottom right to save your changes. The changes will affect only the given language variant.

    Edit the asset descriptions for all languages at once

    1. From the app menu, choose .
    2. Click the Assets tab.
    3. Click the asset for which you want to edit the descriptions (you can use the filter to find a specific asset).
    4. Edit the descriptions for all languages at once.
    5. Click Save to update the descriptions for all languages.
    A screenshot of an asset with descriptions in multiple languages.

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