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Compare and restore versions

Kentico Kontent makes working collaboratively easier by allowing you to quickly check changes in any of your content items. You can compare any revisions made and if you decide that a change isn't needed, you can easily revert back to a previous version.

Table of contents

    The versions list gives you a complete overview of who has updated what and when they did so as well as the workflow steps. You can view each version, compare it to a previous version, and see even more detailed information about each version by clicking More details.

    Kentico Kontent creates a new version of a content item when:

    • You change the content item's workflow step.
    • You make changes to the content after not working on the item for 30 minutes.
    • Someone else on your project makes changes to the content.

    Thanks to versioning, you don’t need to worry about having your content accidentally overwritten or deleted as you can always restore any previous version.

    Comparing versions

    To compare differences between versions:

    1. Click  More actions in the upper right of the item.
    2. Select .
    3. Choose the versions you want to compare.

    You can now compare the differences between versions in the highlighted sections.

    An animation of comparing versions of a content item.

    Restoring older versions

    To restore a previous version of a content item:

    1. Click  More actions in the upper right of the item.
    2. Select  Compare versions.
    3. Choose the version you want to restore.
    4. Click Restore older version at the top.

    Need to restore an older version of a published item?

    If your item is published, you cannot restore its older version directly. You need to create a new version of the content item or unpublish it first.

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