Commenting and suggesting changes to content

Creating content is usually a collaborative process requiring many people's input. Kentico Kontent makes it easy to discuss your content using comments, and propose changes to specific parts of content with suggestions.

Table of contents

    Adding comments

    To add a comment: 

    1. Select the portion of the text you want to comment on.
    2. Click Add comment .
    3. Write your comment.
    4. (Optional) Type “@” to add a user mention.
    5. Click Comment.

    Your comment will appear as a card to the right of the selected text, which will be highlighted in yellow.

    See how to comment inline inside the app.

    Within every comment, you've got 1,000 characters to express yourself. You can also comment on assets using the Comment button in the top right corner of the asset tile. To comment on the entire content item, switch to the Discussion tab on the right panel.

    Mentioning your colleagues

    Mentions are a quick way of notifying users on a project without the need to add them as contributors. The mentioned user then gets notified by email within a short period of time.

    To mention a user in a comment, type “@” and choose their name from the list.

    Suggesting changes to content

    When reading or reviewing content, editors often need to point out typos or suggest small changes to the text.

    To suggest content changes:

    1. Select the portion of the text you want to change.
    2. Click Suggest changes .
    3. Make changes to the selected text.
    4. Click Suggest changes.

    Your suggestion will appear as a card to the right of the selected text, which will be highlighted in purple. You can suggest changes to Text, Rich text, and URL Slug elements.

    Approving content suggestions

    You can click Approve to replace the selected text with the suggested text. This marks the suggestion as approved.

    You can approve suggestions only if your role has the Edit content capability and the element is editable at the given moment.

    Resolving comments and suggestions

    Any comment or content suggestion starts a discussion thread where you can add more comments and suggestions. Suggestions are basically special comments and behave similarly.

    To mark a discussion as resolved:

    1. Click More actions on the first comment.
    2. Pick Mark as resolved.

    Editing comments

    To edit a comment:

    1. Click More actions  in the comment and select Edit.
    2. Start editing the comment.
    3. Click Save (Ctrl + Enter) to post the changes.

    Hiding comments

    You can hide comments to have more space for authoring content:

    1. Click More actions in the upper right of the item.
    2. Select Hide comments.

    Finding comments

    If you need to find an old comment, you can still check the whole comment history and see which comments were resolved by whom and which haven’t been resolved yet.

    Just switch to the Discussion tab  in the right panel.


    Users assigned to the content item will receive notifications about comments and content suggestions by email.

    Note that the email delivery might take around 10 to 15 minutes after someone adds the last comment. This is because we want to avoid spamming your mailbox with each new comment. Instead, we'll send all the new comments as a group in a single email.

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