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Deactivating contributors on a project

If you wish to stop a user from working on a specific project, you can deactivate the user per project. When you deactivate users in one project, they can still be active in other projects.

See how to manage existing team members inside the app.

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    Deactivating users

    Once you deactivate a user in all projects the user is assigned to, they will not count towards the limit of active users in your subscription plan.

    To deactivate a user:

    1. From the app menu, choose Project settings .
    2. In the Status column of a specific user, click the switch to deactivate the user.

    A screenshot of users in a project.

    Note: To preserve the history of user actions in a project (such as comments or content edits tracked in older versions), users cannot be removed or deleted from the project, only deactivated.