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Set up projects

See how to set up your projects in Kentico Kontent to get everything ready for your team to work effectively.

Table of contents

    The first step in any content project is to define your content models. Having correctly set up content models from the start will save you time later in your project and make sure you get the right content in the right place. Your project will be organized and content contributors will be free to create relationships among your content.

    If you want content in multiple languages, you'll need to set up localization in your project. Once your languages are in place, you can add content to each of them.

    To get everyone in your project working together in the same direction, you'll want to set up roles and a workflow for your content. Once your roles are ready, you can manage your team to get people working on content in the right roles.

    You can also see how to manage your projects themselves, including creating new ones and cloning existing ones.

    If you already have content elsewhere, see how to migrate content into your Kentico Kontent project