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Deactivate project languages

If you've decided not to use a language anymore, you can clean up your project by deactivating unused languages. To ensure that no content is lost, project languages can only be deactivated and not deleted.

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    Keep in mind that deactivating a language will unpublish all content in that language and make it unavailable via the Delivery API. This action may break your website if you're using the Delivery API to deliver content.

    Deactivated languages do not count towards your subscription limit.

    After you deactivate a language, all languages that used the deactivated one as their fallback language will fall back to the default project language.

    To deactivate a project language:

    1. From the app menu, choose .
    2. Under Project settings, choose Localization.
    3. Choose a language you want to deactivate by clicking on it.
    4. Click Deactivate.
    Screenshot showing where to deactivate a project language