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Invite and deactivate users

Invite users to your team so that they can start creating content in your Kentico Kontent project. If the user you want to invite is already active on a project, you can invite them to another project within the same subscription – they'll count as one active user.

See how to invite team membersOpens in a new window inside the app.

Table of contents

    Inviting a new user

    To invite a new user to your project:

    1. From the app menu, choose .
    2. Click Invite.
    3. Fill in the email.
    4. Choose a role for the user.
    5. Click Invite.

    The new user receives an email with an invitation to the project.

    Dialog shown when inviting a user to your project.

    After the user accepts the invitation, they count as an active user within your subscription until you deactivate the user.

    Reaching the user limit

    If you reach the maximum number of active users for your subscription, you'll be prevented from inviting more users. The maximum is different for each plan, see PricingOpens in a new window for more details. To invite more users in such cases, you need to upgrade your subscription to a higher plan.

    Inviting users from other projects

    If the user you want to invite is active in another project of yours, you can invite them to the new project. This won't affect the number of active users within the subscription.

    To invite an existing user to your current project:

    1. From the app menu, choose .
    2. Click Invite.
    3. Choose existing users from the Email field.
    4. Choose a role for the users.
      • If you're inviting to a project with multiple languages and roles, you can assign user roles for each language. 
    5. Click Invite.

    The invited user is automatically added to the project and notified via email.

    Deactivating users

    If you wish to stop a user from working on a specific project, you can deactivate the user per project. When you deactivate users in one project, they can still be active in other projects.

    Once you deactivate a user in all projects the user is assigned to, they will not count towards the limit of active users in your subscription plan.

    See how to manage existing team membersOpens in a new window inside the app.

    To deactivate a user:

    1. From the app menu, choose .
    2. In the Status column of a specific user, click the switch to deactivate the user.
    Screenshot of users on project

    Users can only be deactivated, not removed

    In order to preserve the history of user comments, content edits, and other actions in older versions, users cannot be removed from a project, only deactivated.

    What's next?

    • If you invite someone new by mistake, you can Revoke the invitation.