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Managing your payments

Kentico Kontent uses FastSpring services to manage your billing and payment options. Note that once you have entered an email address associated with your service, only people with access to that email can make changes to your account.

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    Accessing your payment administration

    To get into the FastSpring administration:

    1. In Kentico Kontent, click your initials in the bottom left corner.
    2. Choose Subscriptions.
    3. On the Subscriptions screen, choose the subscription for which you want to change the payment method.
    4. Click the Billing information tab.
    5. Click Manage your payment method.
    6. Enter the email address you previously used when you entered your payment method.
    A screenshot of the Billing information tab for a subscription

    You will then receive an email from Kentico Kontent Checkout:

    1. In the email, click the Click here to manage orders link.
    2. In the FastSpring administration, go to the Account Details and Payment Methods tab.
    FastSpring Account details and Payment Methods

    You can now choose to either replace an old payment method with a new one or remove a credit card you're not using anymore.

    Replacing a credit card

    To replace your old card with a new one, in the FastSpring administration:

    1. Add a new credit card.
      1. Click Add Payment Method.
      2. Choose the Credit / Debit Card method.
      3. Fill in the payment information.
      4. Click Save Payment Details.
    2. Use the credit card for payments.
      1. Go to the Subscriptions tab.
      2. Click Manage for the given subscription.
      3. Choose Update Payment Method.
      4. Click Use this next to the credit card you just added.

    Removing a credit card

    To remove a card you're not using anymore, in the FastSpring administration:

    1. Go to the Account Details and Payment Methods tab.
    2. Click Manage next to the card you want to remove.
    3. Choose Remove. 
    4. Confirm by clicking Yes.

    Accessing your invoices

    Subscription invoices can be accessed directly the FastSpring administration.

    1. Go to the Subscriptions tab.
    2. Click the Show billing history link on the right side of the window.
    3. Choose the invoice you would like to view
    4. Click Get Invoice.

    Managing prepaid subscriptions

    If you have prepaid for your subscription and never entered a credit card, you will not see the Billing information tab in Kentico Kontent. In all prepaid subscriptions, you will see the Transactions tab where you can find the history of all your transactions as well as your available balance.

    A screenshot of the Transactions tab for a subscription

    If you would like to switch from a prepaid plan, contact us directly (either through the built-in chat or by email) and we will switch your plan for you. You will then have 7 days to enter a payment method or your account will be suspended.

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