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Manage your profile

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In your profile details, you can change your user name, email notification preferences, and your password.

Table of contents

    Updating profile details

    To view your Kentico Kontent profile details:

    1. Click your initials in the bottom left corner.
    2. Choose Profile details.

    In Profile details, you can:

    • Update your name that will be shown to everyone in your team.
    • Change the password you use to access Kentico Kontent.
    • Select notifications you would like to receive.
    Profile details and email notification preferences

    Choose your notifications

    In your profile details, you can select what you want to be notified about.

    1. Click your initials in the bottom-left corner.
    2. Choose Profile details.
    3. In the Email preferences tile, choose what kind of notifications you'd like to receive.

    Can I change my email address?

    Your email address is tied to your account because it serves as a login to Kentico Kontent. It cannot be changed.

    No longer need your account?

    If you wish to delete your Kentico Kontent account, contact our support team using the chat button in the bottom right and we will remove the account for you.

    What's next?

    • See how your projects are doing in your subscription's usage report.
    • If you work on multiple projects, you might want to check your role in those projects.