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Switch your subscription plan

See Kentico Kontent subscription plansOpens in a new window to decide which plan works best for you.

If the limitations of your current plan are holding you down, you can subscribe to a higher plan.

Table of contents

    Change your subscription plan

    You need to be a subscription admin to change your subscription plan.

    To change your plan:

    1. Click your initials in the bottom-left corner.
    2. Choose Subscriptions.
    3. On the Subscriptions screen, choose a subscription.
    4. Click the Plans tab.
    5. Choose your desired subscription plan.
      • If you switch from a legacy subscription plan to any other, you can't go back to the legacy plan.
    Subscription plans in the Kentico Kontent app.

    Enter your payment details

    Switching to a paid plan requires entering a payment method.

    1. Switch to the Billing information tab.
    2. Click Choose a payment method.

    Remember the email address you enter when providing the payment details. You will need it to manage your payment method later.

    If you are not sure which plan works best for you, let us help! Click the chat button in the bottom-right corner to contact us.

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