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Set up collections for your project

Collections are like folders. They let you simplify the organization of your content according to your business structure and needs.

With collections, you can:

  • Create space for all departments within your project to eliminate silos.
  • Organize global and regional content within one project to enable easy reuse.
  • Separate channel-specific and channel-agnostic content within the same project for easier governance.

Check out other examples of the flexibility the collections bring to your project.

Collections are currently available on request through an early access program.

Table of contents

    Add a collection

    1. In , select Collections.
    2. Click Create new collection.
    3. In Collection name, enter a name such as Global content.
    4. Click Confirm.
    5. Click Save changes in top right.
    Animation showing how to add collections to a project.

    Not sure how to divide your project in collections?

    Check out several examples of how collections can make your work easier.

    Rename a collection

    Mistyped or want to rename a collection? You can rename your collections at any time.

    1. In , select Collections.
    2. For a collection you want to rename, click .
    3. In Collection name, adjust the name.
    4. Click Confirm.
    5. Click Save changes in top right.

    You can rename multiple collections in one go. Once you're done, make sure to click Save changes in top right.

    Move items between collections

    When you enable collections for your project, your existing items are assigned to the collection named Default. Every content item can be assigned to a single collection.

    1. In , open a content item for editing.
    2. In Content details under Collection, click the current collection.
    3. From the drop-down list, select another collection.
    4. Click Move.

    The collection changes immediately.

    Need to move several items at once?

    In , select a few content items. Then click > Change collection.

    Stay tuned for improvements

    Use collections from the get-go for easier content governance in the future. We're currently working on significant improvements in this area that will allow limiting access to specific roles.

    We plan to make collections generally available in early 2021. Later in 2021, we're considering adding the following enhancements:

    What's next?