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Reuse groups of elements with snippets

Content type snippets are reusable groups of content elements, which can be especially useful when defining content types. Content contributors won't see the content type snippets while editing content.

If you ever need to use the same bunch of elements repeatedly in a few content types, you can create a content type snippet to hold those elements. With this approach, you can easily modify the elements from one place.

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    Let's look at an example of using a snippet for SEO metadata.

    Create a content type snippet

    To create a content type snippet for SEO metadata:

    1. From the app menu, choose .
    2. Click the Content type snippets tab.
    3. Click Create new.
    4. Type a name in Content type snippet name.
    5. Insert two Text elements into the elements area.
    6. Name the elements Meta keywords and Meta description.
    7. (Optional) Provide guidelines and limitations for each element.
    8. Click Save changes.
    A screenshot of a metadata snippet all set up.

    You can also edit codenames of your snippets.

    Almost any element can be in a snippet

    When defining a snippet, you can use all content elements except for the Content type snippet and URL slug elements.

    Add a snippet to content types

    After you create a content type snippet, use it in a content type. Bear in mind that to prevent duplicate elements, you can't use one snippet multiple times in the same content type.

    1. From the app menu, choose .
    2. Open an existing content type.
    3. Insert the Content type snippet element into the content type.
    4. Choose a snippet from the drop-down list.
    5. Save the content type.
    A screenshot of a snippet in a content type.

    Snippets in content items

    In content items, the Content type snippets are replaced by the elements they contain.

    Content type snippet in a content item

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