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New UI – before & after

The Kontent app is getting a new UI. It's a big visual change and we understand that you want to know where to find everything you're used to after you switch to the new design. To get you up-to-speed as quickly as possible, we've put together a comparison page that presents you all the important parts of the app with images of the UI before and after.

Work in progress

We're polishing the new UI so it may still change a bit.

Table of contents


    First, have a look at how the home screen changed.

    Your content in Home

    As you can see, most of the stuff is still in the same place. In the app menu, you'll notice that you can see the button labels at all times, not just when you hover over them as in the previous UI. And in the editorial calendar, there's one menu less – the option to switch between calendar view and agenda view has been removed.

    Content & Assets

    This section of the Kontent app has the same options as in the previous UI. 

    Inside a content item

    When you open a content item for editing, you'll see that some actions from the quick actions bar moved to the More actions menu. The rest stays at the same place.

    Content model

    When you open the content model section of Kontent, this is what the content types list looks like in the new UI:

    Inside a content type

    When you open a content type for editing:

    Web Spotlight

    This is how the Web Spotlight section changes: