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Kontent technical limits

This page lists our current technical and subscription limits. The technical limits are set so that most customers will never come across them.

In case you reach any of the limits, there are typically ways to get under the limits. It usually involves optimizing the apps, integrating another service, or rethinking the Kontent settings. We offer Professional Services that will help you with such adjustments.

Table of contents


    • Assets: Upper tens of thousands of assets per project. If you need to store several tens of thousands of assets, we recommend you integrate a digital asset management (DAM) service with Kontent.  
    • Asset folders: 1,000 folders per project. Each folder can further contain up to 1,000 subfolders.
    • Asset size: 2 GB for asset uploaded via user interface. 100 MB for assets uploaded via Management API.
    • Image resolution: The Delivery API can serve images up to 8,192 x 8,192 pixels. The user interface and Management API don't have any limit.

    Content items

    • Content items: Based on your subscription plan.
      • Business: 25,000 content items
      • Premium: 50,000 content items
      • Enterprise: Based on agreement
    • Content item size: 2 MB. Item size is the sum of all its elements in a single language. This includes any content components inserted in rich text elements.

    Content types

    Delivery API

      • Delivery API calls: Based on Fair Use Policy.
        • Business: 2,000,000 API calls 
        • Premium: 5,000,000 API calls
        • Enterprise: Based on agreement
      • Delivery API rate limit (cached): Unlimited.
      • Delivery API rate limit (uncached): 100 calls per second and 2,000 calls per minute including calls to the Preview Delivery API.
      • Delivery API response size: 2,000 content items per response including calls to the Preview Delivery API. The limit applies to items matching your query and any linked items. Read details in API reference. If your responses contain over 1000 items, we recommend using filtering.
      • Delivery API URL length: 2,000 characters.




      • Languages: Based on your subscription plan.
        • Business: 3 languages
        • Premium: 10 languages
        • Enterprise: Based on agreement

    Management API

      • Management API calls: 10 calls per second and 400 calls per minute.
      • Management API request size: 256 kB. In rare cases, the maximum request size might be lower. For example, if you reference higher hundreds of variants or assets in the payload of your API request.
      • Management API URL length: 2,000 characters.


      • Taxonomy groups: 1,000 taxonomy terms per taxonomy group. Each taxonomy term can have up to 1,000 subterms.



        • Users: Based on your subscription plan.
          • Business: 10 users included, upgradable up to 25 users
          • Premium: 25 users included, upgradable up to 50 users
          • Enterprise: Based on agreement