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Partner onboarding

As our new partner, you usually first need to discover Kentico Kontent benefits, use cases and features, before you are able to determine the best type of projects Kentico Kontent is the best for. 

For this purpose, we have designed a well thought-out partner onboarding journey, which will give you enough confidence to offer Kentico Kontent as a great product to your customers.

  • We will start off with enabling you as our partner to talk confidently about Kentico Kontent features. 
  • Then we will assist you with your first customers project to bring out the best possible results from the start. 

Table of contents

    Partner enablement


    First, we will establish cooperation, explain basic concepts of Kentico Kontent and general terms and fill you in with any information that you are missing. 

    • Customer Success Management and Professional Services introduction
    • Use cases & benefits, projects that fit Kentico Kontent
    • Case studies
    • Partner conditions and benefits
    • Pricing 
    • FUP metrics
    • Resources: e-book, cheatsheet
    • Roadmap

    In App training

    Then we will guide you directly in our product, to show you the main features and what options they offer. 

    • General intro of the application environment (links to docs, product updates, in-app guide) 
    • Content Type, Content Items (Terminology page)
    • Working with Rich Text: Linked Items (image as an item), Comments, Suggestions, Versioning
    • Configuring elements (limit image size, character length)
    • Content Type Snippet, Metadata, URL slugs
    • Custom Elements + Gallery (hosting on GitHub)
    • Assets, Asset folders
    • Workflow, Users, Roles, Custom Roles
    • My Content, Project Overview, Calendar
    • Taxonomy
    • Localization
    • Data Centers
    • Subscription management, Billing reports
    • Integrations
    • What Kentico Kontent offers for Enterprise customers

    Internal project or training

    When you know enough about Kentico Kontent features, it's time to try them out on a simple project, so that you get hands-on experience with the product and you can create offers and estimates for your customers confidently. 

    • Create a small internal project: company website, internal application, lunch aggregator... anything of your own choice
    • We can discuss the process, architecture, content models, and answer any questions that arise during development


    During or after the onboarding phase, we recommend signing up for our certification exams designed specifically either for your developers of business members. 

    Customer project assistance

    When you already have a customer project in preparation, we will enable you to use best practices and the right models from the beginning. We will review customer requirements with you and go through parts that might be tricky. 

    • Architecture
    • Content modeling
    • Best practices for developers
    • Discussing individual questions and topics

    What's next?

    We consider our new partners fully onboarded when they finish their first customer projects. During this time, you can count on our continuous help and support!