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Enterprise customer onboarding

We are happy to have you as a customer and we want to see you succeed with Kentico Kontent. Therefore, we have designed an onboarding plan divided into the following parts, to help you get started quickly and progress with your project with ease.

Table of contents


    Together we will dive into your project details to discover challenges, potential blockers and current questions to answer. We will kick off our cooperation along with your selected implementation agency, to make sure we are all on the same boat and everyone receives our best practice recommendations.

    At the beginning of our interaction, we plan these sessions: 

    • Introduction with a Customer Success Manager
    • Project discovery

    Technical kick-off

    Your developers will get deep into the technical aspects of Kentico Kontent, so that they are well equipped to deliver your project in the best possible quality.

    The following topics are, in our experience, the most discussed at the beginning of projects, however, not all may apply to your particular project:

    • Architecture overview
    • Content migration
    • Continuous development
    • Technology stack and Integrations
    • Caching optimization
    • Best practices for developers

    Content development & strategy

    Both developers and content strategists will learn our best practices for modeling content and translating projects to make the most friendly environment for content editors.  

    • Content modeling practices
    • Multilingual projects
    • Product features

    End user training

    We care about the adoption of Kentico Kontent by everyone in your company, and we want to help especially content editors to learn about the features they can use in their everyday work.

    • In-app training for content editors
    • Optional: on-site training for content editors (subject to availability and additional costs)

    After project goes live

    When your website is in full swing, we will review things that are going well, provide you with hints on what to add to get even more value and help you solve some pains that appeared with live traffic.

    • On-site / online Business Review
    • Customer case study

    What's next?

    To begin this journey, or to jump in if your project is already in progress, contact us at