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Kentico Kontent add-on for Google Docs

The Kentico Kontent add-on enables you to create or update content items directly from Google Docs user interface and saves you the hassle of copying text back and forth.

Table of contents

    You can import content from Google Docs to either Rich text or Text elements. When you import to Rich text elements, the formatting of your document is preserved. With Text elements, all tags are stripped.

    With this add-on you may also choose whether to import all content of the word document or only parts of it by highlighting the text you want to import. Importing parts of the document is useful because it allows you to separate content into multiple elements within a Kentico Kontent content item.


    After you install the add-on from the Google marketplaceOpens in a new window, switch to the add-on's Configure tab.


    To start using the add-on, you need to provide the add-on with an API key for the Content Management API and a project ID.

    1. In Kentico KontentOpens in a new window, open your project.
    2. From the app menu, choose Project settings .
    3. Under Development, choose API keys.
    4. In the Content Management API box, click Copy to clipboard .
    5. Paste the API key in the add-on's configuration window.
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for Project ID.

    Configuring the Kentico Cloud add-on in Google Docs

    In the add-on's Project languages field, insert the codenames of languages in your project separated by comma. You can find a list of languages in under Localization in your Kentico Kontent project.

    After clicking Configure, you will see the last tab where you can set the default Content type and Element in which content from your Google document will be created.


    To start publishing content items, switch to the add-on's Import tab.

    After entering the Content item name, you can import the content of your Google document. If you don't highlight any text, entire document will be imported.

    At any time, you can click the Configure button to change the target element. This is useful when you need to divide content of your document into multiple elements.

    The usual flow can be seen in the following gif.