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Content Strategy 101 for Partners

Takes about 4 hours

What's the fuss about headless CMSs and Content as a Service (CaaS)? As headless CMS comes as an answer to technological challenges, such as more channels, Content as a Service is an answer for content challenges. Because content is no longer about long marketing or technical communication ending up in PDFs.

However, enterprises often don't know where to start and how to adapt to these changes. The key point here is to establish and follow a proper content strategy.

What can you expect?

As this course focuses on providing an intro to content strategy and what kind of problems customers may face, it's suitable:

  • Mostly for partner agencies that implement content projects to enterprises
  • Partially for enterprises' system architects that can find out some of the answers to their current problems
  • For content strategists as an overall introduction to their field

In this course, you'll go through these topics:

  • Content strategy – what it is, who content strategists are, and what tools strategists use throughout the content lifecycle
  • Content operations – what they are, how enterprises approach them, planning and work coordination
  • Digital and content maturity – when a headless CMS is or isn't suitable, what maturity dimensions there are, how to improve your maturity
  • Structured content – why WYSIWYG editors aren't enough in the 21st century, how content authors see content modeling, what non-technical ways there are for content modeling
  • Changes in content – how content becomes shorter and conversational, introduction to UX writing
  • Content vs. design – what should be done first and why all projects end up delayed anyway
  • Content governance – what it is, what lack of governance causes, who should look after it
  • Content marketing – how it sits between content strategy and marketing activities

These topics can bring you some insight into what customers deal with, what pain points Kontent helps with, and how to make their transition to Kontent smoother.

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